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Airbrush Tan

Endless Summer also offers an award winning UV Free tanning option, st custom airbrush spray tanning. It’s a professionally applied sunless tan with attention to detail. We offer 3 DHA colors that are custom blended for your skin tone. The unit has a full evacuation fan system for a comfortable experience.

Our fully trained spray technicians can give you a light overall tan or make you as dark as you’ve ever dreamed in just minutes. If you have ever been hesitant to try a spray tan, or have been unsatisfied in the past with a spray booth tan, give this a try.

All airbrush technicians are specially trained and highly professional to ensure that your experience and your results are perfect every time. Hands and feet are not a concern with this system and the results will last about 5 – 7 days fading gradually.

Airbrush Prep And Care

Preparing for your session

Its best to come to your session freshly showered and exfoliated, with no lotions etc. on skin.

The Session

Clothing is optional for women.
Tan is applied by a trained technician & takes about
15 minutes including drying time.

Over the next 10+ hours

Avoid water & tight clothing. Bronzers will rub off onto the inside of your clothes and sheets but will wash out of most fabrics. Your tan will darken over the next 12 hours. Don’t judge your coloring until you shower off bronzers.


wait at least ten hours before showering. Let water run clear before washing. Wash skin gently with extra washing under arms. Pat skin dry.


Apply lotion throughout day to extend color and allow more even fading. Avoid highly chlorinated pools, hot tubs and tight clothing (when possible). Face, hands, and feet will fade within a few days. Use our touch up spray for these areas as well as small areas that have faded.
color will fade as your skin exfoliates naturally.
Air Brush lasts 7-10 days on the average.


When ready to start removing your airbrush, take hot showers and scrub your skin with towel when you get out. You can also soak in a hot bath with baby oil, the use a loofa to exfoliate skin.
WARNING: Color may rub off onto shirt collars & armpit area from the friction, even after showering. Wear dark colors for the first few days and wash extra in these areas.